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Strategic Plan


IACTE Strategic Plan through 2023


Vision: To provide unified, visionary leadership to advance and promote learning in career and technical education.

Themes:  Professional Development, Legislation, Membership, Communication, Business Partnerships

Professional Development

  • Provide Support and Leadership to IACTE Affiliates
  1. Allow time during IACTE Board Meetings for Affiliate Best Practices Roundtable
  2. Create a new IACTE Board Report Form to line up with the IACTE Strategic Plan. Have a section for affiliates to submit Strategic Plan items that they would like assistance with.
  3. Offer affiliate leaders Best Practice Roundtable at IACTE Conference
  4. Provide affiliates with professional development Mini Grants
  • Create Association Leaders through Professional Development
  1. Continue to expand the New & Nearly New CTE Teacher Workshop.
    1. Train and assign mentor to New & Nearly New Teacher Workshop attendees
    2. Provide follow-up sessions for New & Nearly New instructors during the IACTE Conference.
  2. Continue to provide leadership sessions at affiliate conferences. When possible, present at other professional development conferences. (Connections, ACTE, ACTE Region III).
  3. Provide travel stipends for two - four members to participate in ACTE leadership training.
  4. Each affiliate identifies two new leaders and IACTE encourages them to participate in ACTE Leadership Training and volunteer for IACTE Committees, New Teacher Mentors, etc.
  5. Explore professional development opportunities for student teachers
  • Provide Professional Development through the Annual Conference
  1. Continue the IACTE Annual Conference.



  • Create Member Awareness of Legislative Calendars
  1. Notify members of important items before the Illinois General Assembly and Congress. Utilize information from the legislative consultant and ACTE.
  • Become a Pro-Active Organization in Addressing CTE Legislation
  1. Inform members of committee hearings and legislative sessions.
  2. Provide members with fact sheets/policy briefs and position statements on issues relevant to CTE.
  3. Coordinate testifying activities with IACTE Legislative Committee and members.
  4. Utilize ACTE templates to facilitate initial work.
  5. Encourage members to utilize the ACTE Call to Action Center.
  6. Encourage members to attend NPS.
  7. Promote new legislation as needed
  • Be the Voice for Career and Technical Education
  1. Maintain link on IACTE website to IL Gen Assembly site for legislator search and info on bills.
    1. Maintain a link to the IL Board of Elections site.
    2. Maintain a link to the ACTE Call to Action Center.
  2. Continue to provide training to members on communicating with policymakers
  3. Provide testimony on issues
  4. Inform members on how to link to and utilize ACTE legislative advocacy resources for templates and protocols for communicating with policymakers on legislation impacting CTE.
  5. Continue to provide a session on advocacy at the annual IACTE conference and at affiliate conferences as requested.
  6. Provide a workshop for IACTE leaders on how to effectively communicate with legislators.



  • Goal #1 - Increase Membership All Categories of Membership
  1. Contact ACTE Members to encourage IACTE Membership
  2. Work with EFE's, ACC's, ISBE, and ICCB to get contact information for CTE instructors or have them disseminate the information.  
  3. Work with ILCTE to encourage IACTE Membership.  
  4. Contact ICTSO's advisor about joining IACTE. 
  5. Waive IACTE Membership fee for 1st year teachers that attend an IACTE event during their first year, if they pay their affiliate dues. 
  6. Purchase a CTE list through ACTE
  7. Update Marketing Materials 
  8. Develop and implement a marketing plan to attract new members
  9. Identify Postsecondary CTE Teacher
  10. Increase Associate - Organization Memberships
  • Goal #2 - Increase Member Recognition
  1. Encourage members to nominate CTE professionals for IACTE Awards



  • Goal #1 - Promote CTE through the Media
  1. Promote CTE by sponsoring an IACTE/ACTE Media Tour every two years
  2. Encourage affiliates to highlight exemplary programs throughout the State.    IACTE to include this information in the IACTE Progress, the list serve, the website, and/or social media.
  3. Provide Media resources on the IACTE website 
  4. Provide a link to the ACTE Media resources webpage.
  5. Offer a Working with the Media session during the IACTE Conference.
  6. Expand use of social media.

Goal #2 - Promote Image/Branding

  1. Encourage affiliates to use the current IACTE and their Affiliate logo for branding purposes and upload on their website.
  2. Ensure all affiliates have the appropriate .png or .jpeg files.
  3. Update pictures on IACTE home page, rotating pictures.


Business Partnerships

  • Goal #1 - Explore Business/Industry Association Partnerships
  1. Identify Business/Industry Associations.
  2. Purchase Advisory Committee book from ACTE for IACTE board.
  3. Provide training on the book from ACTE on building advisory committees
  4. Invite Business/Industry Association members to attend and present at IACTE conference or Affiliate conference.
  5. Define the mutual benefit from the partnership between Business/Industry Associations and IACTE.